Not just Champagne but a lifestyle

The Brand

In today’s world the name “BALLERS” holds a powerful worldwide representation: For those not only in the sports world, but those living an opulent lifestyle.

As described by “A baller is a basketball player or a successful person who lives a lavish lifestyle….”. It can also be used to describe “someone who or something that is skilful or excellent.”




1. A player of a ball game, especially a talented basketball, soccer or NFL player.
2. Someone that has gone from rag to riches in the music industry
3. A baller in life, clubbing, travelling, and someone showcasing a richer type of lifestyle.

Market Placement

Our position in the champagne market is middle to high end luxury with coolness for the younger generation that thrive to be like their sporting and celebrity idols. Those individuals that deserve the spotlight and the finer things in life!

An Affordable Luxury

Producing fine champagne is as much an art as it is a science.