Rose Champagne

Pink Fantome


This champagne consists of an outstanding bright salmon pink, the colour of this Rosé is a work of art. Once poured, it leaves a parade of fine pearl-like bubbles that seem everlasting.

The beautiful, persistent sheath of foam will reside at the top of the glass. The wonderful aroma of ripe cherries paired with a subtle, spicy touch fills the mouth with a well-rounded, rich flavour, yet the underlying freshness lifts and balances the whole to produce a gorgeous satisfying finish.

The clear traditional glass bottle comes with a unique button on the base which once pressed, allows the label to luminate in the dark.
Varietal Composition:

30% Chardonnay | 30% Pinot Noir | 40% Meunier



Ageing Duration:

36 Months

Alcohol Content:


100% Vegan | Gluten free


Available in 750ml | 6000ml | 15000ml | 30000ml
Product code: L.BALRF18

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