Extra Brut Champagne

Black Chrome Edition


With a beautiful golden hue and exceptionally fine bubbles, this wine stands out for its elegant brioche and toasted hazelnut notes.

The palate is rich, fresh and leaves an intense lingering mineral finish enhanced with a low dosage. The gorgeous hints of apple and a mix of spices make that this wine is on a league of its own.

Pure craftmanship, a team of 10 professionals are in charge of decorating this bottle. It is a careful process which starts with an intense cleanse of the glass and then moves on to hand applying silver plating and a chrome layer, to finish off with a colour chrome finish. It is then hand polished before being embossed with labels, also applied by hand, and branded foils. Each bottle is carefully packed in a grey & black velvet dust bag.
Varietal Composition:

30% Chardonnay | 70% Pinot Noir



Ageing Duration:

48 Months

Alcohol Content:


100% Vegan | Gluten free


Available in 750ml | 1500ml | 6000ml | 15000ml
Product code: L.BALEB18

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