Inside Ballers

1. The Vineyard

The Field of Possibilities.

Producing fine champagne is as much as an art it is a science.

Creating a champagne that grabs and holds your attention demands vigorous attention to detail.

A tasting experience that captures the consumer can only emerge through boldness, purity & creativity.

An artisan’s approach to offer for the more demanding of palate, requires curiosity & desire.

It all started with planting the vines. We then put continuous effort in the cultivation of the plants, followed up with precise harvest and self-pressing. Bringing this all together with the knowledge and expertise that have been passed on for generations are what make ballers an exceptional product.

Exquisite Quality By All Means

A Distinctive Characteristic: It loves to stand out

It requires premium quality grapes varieties:

Premium Cru Chardonnay
Pinot Noir
Pinot Meunier

Taking only the first press of each grape to maximise the purity in order to produce the very best champagnes possible along with the underlying attention to detail of grape selection to ensure the juices are of vibrant fruit character & balanced acidity.

Then there are the expertise & master traditional techniques, creativity & skill to perfect the impeccable blended balance.

Finished with the families 400 years of secret flavours, low sugar dosage that completes our wines.

Nestled 60 Feet Underground
Ageing & Maturing Our Wines In The Purest Traditions

The oak of the barrels guarantees the full potential of each wine during its minimum 36-month ageing process.

The nature of the cork is also significant, sealed in the traditional style, ballers champagne benefits, thanks to the cork, from just the right amount of oxygen. It enables the complete development of the wine while maintaining its purity & freshness.

Gentle rotation of the barrels by hand is key to enrich the wine with the compounds in the sediment.

The underground cellars give the perfect dim lighting & cool temperature that enhances ballers champagne to perfection.

2. The Wines

Gold Label

Ballers Brut brings a subtle freshness with tremendous purity which is exciting on the nose with elegant floral aromas with hints of citrus flavours and hazelnut.

Yellow Fantome

Ballers Brut brings a subtle freshness with tremendous purity which is exciting on the nose with elegant floral aromas with hints of citrus flavours and hazelnut.

Pink Fantome

A bright salmon pink ensures that this champagne stands out. The colour of this Rosé is a work of haute couture. A parade of fine pearly bubbles seems to stretch to infinity. Its participants follow one another in a long, stylized thread up to the surface.

Black Chrome Edition

With a beautiful golden hue and very fine bubbles this wine stands out for its elegant brioche and toasted hazelnuts notes.

Rose Gold Chrome Edition

A perfect expression of richness, complexity & minerality that grabs every wine connoisseurs attention.

Rose Champagne Black Label

This champagne consists of an outstanding bright salmon pink, the colour of this Rosé is a work of art. Once poured, it leaves a parade of fine pearl-like bubbles that seem everlasting.

3. The Design

The Name

In today’s world the name “BALLERS” holds a powerful worldwide representation: For those not only in the sports world, but those living an opulent lifestyle.

Bottle Decoration

Our more exclusive bottles have a silver plating application followed by a chrome colour coating then hand polished. All of our labels are made from aluminum metal then chrome finished, then hand applied to every single bottle in our range, meaning two bottles are never the same.

Les Grand Bouteilles

Ballers Champagne is one of very few champagnes that has an extensive availability for larger formatted bottles from 1.5L Magnums, 6L Methuselah, 15L Nebuchadnezzar and the very rare 30L Midas.